I Have No More Compassion To Give

The pandemic, George Floyd’s public murder, our country trying to control the reproductive rights of women, constant mass shootings that our legislators are turning a blind eye to, a woman walking into a Chili’s restaurant and murdering another woman, over 20 years of exposure to violence and suffering as a criminal defense attorney. All ofContinue reading “I Have No More Compassion To Give”

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IV Hydration: I Did It!

My digestive system is a “hot mess”. In addition to seeking medical care, I am making some dietary changes with the hopes of helping my body to heal. My biggest battle has been with my daily dark roast caffeinated cups of coffee. I am that two coffee maker owner kind of girl. The girl whoseContinue reading “IV Hydration: I Did It!”

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Massive Meltdown? No Worries: 7 Things To Help You Reset and Recover

The pressure of being disconnected from the world as I know it, coupled with some personal challenges, finally got to me yesterday. I had a MM (code for massive meltdown), like ugly cry and all. When Chadwick Boseman died, I watched Amanda Seales share the overwhelming grief she felt about his untimely death, her personalContinue reading “Massive Meltdown? No Worries: 7 Things To Help You Reset and Recover”

NAMASTE: Calming My Mind With Meditation

Recently I have turned to meditation again. Many years ago, I found it extremely calming but eventually got caught up in the rat race of life and began to see it as a time-waster. My thought process, “I could use the time I waste meditating, checking something off my to-do list, and I would thenContinue reading “NAMASTE: Calming My Mind With Meditation”

Cold Showers: Wim Hof Made Me A Believer

I cannot stand the feeling of cold water running over my body! Ughh, the thought of it gives me chills. Or, at least it used to. Actually, it still does. But it seems there are some serious health benefits associated with immersing your body in cold water. At this stage in my life, I amContinue reading “Cold Showers: Wim Hof Made Me A Believer”

Our Hearts Matter: Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of Women

Heart disease is not a man’s disease! 1 in 4 women die as a result of heart disease. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the United States. When I read things like this, it definitely grabs my attention. Did it grab yours? For all of you women that love a good challengeContinue reading “Our Hearts Matter: Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of Women”

Track Your Miles: Are You Ready for the 100-Mile Challenge?

We are doing this in June!!! The extreme planner in me is wondering if we have covered all bases so that we can make sure we are successful! So, I went out and gathered a little information to make sure we are ready! First things first! We have to make sure we are able toContinue reading “Track Your Miles: Are You Ready for the 100-Mile Challenge?”

Living With Lupus

Lupus: a chronic, autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation and pain in any part of your body as your immune system attacks healthy tissue Third Times A Charm, I Hope “The Good Doctor”, doctor number five, walked into the room. He reminded me of doctor number two, who was supposed to be “the good doctor.”Continue reading “Living With Lupus”

STD/STI: Are you doing your part to take care of your body?

When did it go from being STD’s to STI’s? Am I the only one that missed the memo? I guess I am an excellent example of why information needs to be shared across generational lines. It was a conversation with my 21-year-old daughter that enlightened me on this new terminology. In case you are anythingContinue reading “STD/STI: Are you doing your part to take care of your body?”

What We Have Works

I’m kicking off this Monday morning by sharing a piece written by Mrs. Tawana Farley. There is power in sharing our individual and collective experiences. I am grateful for Tawana’s willingness to join the conversation. -Tonza April 5th, 1999, my life changed forever. Growing up, I would go through heartbreak and hurt, and every timeContinue reading “What We Have Works”