NAMASTE: Calming My Mind With Meditation

Gabby Buff meditating

Recently I have turned to meditation again. Many years ago, I found it extremely calming but eventually got caught up in the rat race of life and began to see it as a time-waster. My thought process, “I could use the time I waste meditating, checking something off my to-do list, and I would then be calmer.”

When I began to pay attention to my patterns, I realized that by the end of the day, I had worked myself up into such a tailspin thinking about all of the things I was not able to check off my list that my productivity was minimal at the end of the day. To calm the chaos in my mind so that I could think clearly and maximize productivity, I decided to turn to meditation again.

Generally, when I meditate, I lie on my floor with my arms stretched over my head, my eyes closed, the lights off. At the same time, Alexa plays calm meditation music for 10 minutes.

I recently decided to give guided meditation a try with Namaste J and loved it! The guided meditation that Namaste J took us through was centered around reducing anxiety. I found this experience extremely calming, and, unlike my periods of self-meditation, my mind was not wandering as much!

Maturity has made me more health-conscious. I wholeheartedly believe that stress reduces your quality of life and can also kill you. Why not Namaste the hell out of stress!!!

Check out Namaste J’s guided meditation!

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