Protect Your Energy, Literally

One of the many phrases we often hear these days is “protect your energy”. Seeing that as some great advice, I decided to visit an energy healer and literally protect my energy. I was driving through the town of Hillsborough when I came across the Cedar Walk Wellness Center. It caught my eye because I thoughtContinue reading “Protect Your Energy, Literally”

Cold Showers: Wim Hof Made Me A Believer

I cannot stand the feeling of cold water running over my body! Ughh, the thought of it gives me chills. Or, at least it used to. Actually, it still does. But it seems there are some serious health benefits associated with immersing your body in cold water. At this stage in my life, I amContinue reading “Cold Showers: Wim Hof Made Me A Believer”