Strong As Glass By Goapele

I was driving down the road the other day and decided to pull up Goapele because I wanted to hear her song Cool Breeze. Being a Goapele fan, I thought I was entirely in the know about her music. And then Strong As Glass started playing. Anyone who loves music knows the feeling that comes over you whenContinue reading “Strong As Glass By Goapele”

Food For Thought: Destiny Fulfilled

I often come across conversations that make me dig deep. In the interview below, Oprah asked, “What is the most difficult decision you have had to make to fulfill your destiny?” After giving it much thought, I realize that I have had to make a number of difficult decisions simply to get on the pathContinue reading “Food For Thought: Destiny Fulfilled”

I’m Living My Best Life: Insecure and All

INSECURITY Lack of self-confidence or assurance; self doubt. Why is the word INSECURITY such a bad word in our world today? I do not like how the world forces us to internalize so much garbage by labeling us as weak or damaged when we dare to show a side other than the emotionally well, wonderfulContinue reading “I’m Living My Best Life: Insecure and All”

Asheville, North Carolina Here I Come: Self-Love Anniversary Travel Adventures

I am super excited! I finally made a decision about my self-love anniversary celebration! I will be meeting my cousin for a weekend with our young kiddos in Asheville, North Carolina. I am still hesitant to hop on a plane and travel too far right now so Asheville, only 3 hours by car, is theContinue reading “Asheville, North Carolina Here I Come: Self-Love Anniversary Travel Adventures”

Who Am I?: When Is The Last Time You Asked Yourself That Question

As you know, October 15, 2020, is my self-love anniversary! So, I have naturally been talking about self-love a lot lately. You know how it is when you start a new relationship with someone. You walk around all giddy and happy and drive your friends crazy, talking about how wonderful and perfect that person is.Continue reading “Who Am I?: When Is The Last Time You Asked Yourself That Question”

Are You In Love With Yourself?

When is the last time you have said, “I Love You” to yourself and truly meant it? It is so odd to me how I sought love from others for so many years without ever stopping to think about whether I loved myself. I think about all of the time I spent with friends talkingContinue reading “Are You In Love With Yourself?”

Homeownership Blues

I come from a family that prides itself on homeownership. Purchasing a home in our family was a sign that you had a good head on your shoulders, your parents taught you right! Even the family members who migrated to the North for work saved money and often proudly purchased homes “down south”. My motherContinue reading “Homeownership Blues”

Situationship Lesson: Be Intentional About Setting Boundaries

I am an analyzer. Some would say I over-analyze. I disagree. I would say I am intentional about the time I have remaining here on this earth, so I seek to understand in an effort to learn and grow as an individual. As an intentional individual, I know that some situations require more analysis thanContinue reading “Situationship Lesson: Be Intentional About Setting Boundaries”

Black Lives Matter: You Cannot Afford to Burn Out

The change that we need in our country is not going to happen overnight. If we are committed to change, we must be prepared to fight long and hard. Like so many others, I have been feeling huge waves of emotion since May 25, 2020, the day we witnessed George Floyd being murdered by DerekContinue reading “Black Lives Matter: You Cannot Afford to Burn Out”

Living With Lupus

Lupus: a chronic, autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation and pain in any part of your body as your immune system attacks healthy tissue Third Times A Charm, I Hope “The Good Doctor”, doctor number five, walked into the room. He reminded me of doctor number two, who was supposed to be “the good doctor.”Continue reading “Living With Lupus”