Who in the World is Big Sean

The other day I told you I watched Jay Shetty’s Big Sean interview and how it impacted me. Some of you in my age group were wondering who in the world Big Sean is. Having young children helps me stay up on who’s who in the “rap game” :-). Here are 3 of Big Sean’s music videos.Continue reading “Who in the World is Big Sean”

She’s So Negative: There’s A Reason For That

How many times have you accused someone of being so negative? Or has anyone ever called you a “negative Nancy”? It seems that human nature causes us to focus on the negative more than the positive. According to a whole lot of research out there, these negative tendencies occur because our brain is wired toContinue reading “She’s So Negative: There’s A Reason For That”

3 Myths About Mindful Meditation

According to mindful.org, mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. According to Wikipedia,  meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique to train attention and awareness to achieve a mentallyContinue reading “3 Myths About Mindful Meditation”

Glass 1/2 Full: 3 Things The Pandemic Allowed Me To Focus On

I know it might be hard to believe that anyone can take anything positive from the year 2020. And as we move into 2021, many of us are beginning to wonder, is there any end in sight. While 2020 and 2021, thus far, have not created ideal circumstances, many of us, as we hunker downContinue reading “Glass 1/2 Full: 3 Things The Pandemic Allowed Me To Focus On”

Mindset Shift: 4 Things That Will Lead to One’s Peace and Happiness In Life

2020 has been life-altering for many, me included! Initially, I was completely blindsided by the seriousness of COVID-19. In fact, I was traveling home from Spain with my middle daughter when COVID-19 became very real to me. I remember making my way through NY customs, feeling a little panicked as I looked around and sawContinue reading “Mindset Shift: 4 Things That Will Lead to One’s Peace and Happiness In Life”

NAMASTE: Calming My Mind With Meditation

Recently I have turned to meditation again. Many years ago, I found it extremely calming but eventually got caught up in the rat race of life and began to see it as a time-waster. My thought process, “I could use the time I waste meditating, checking something off my to-do list, and I would thenContinue reading “NAMASTE: Calming My Mind With Meditation”


THE QUALITY OF BEING THANKFUL; READINESS TO SHOW APPRECIATION FOR AND RETURN KINDNESS. -Google As adults, it is so easy to forget to stop and be appreciative and thankful because we tend to get caught up in the day to day art of survival. It is often not until we experience times like this (coronavirusContinue reading “GRATITUDE”

Self Reflection in Spain

In addition to being fascinated by exploring new places, I enjoy travel because it gives me time for self-reflection. It is so easy when you are in the midst of your day to day routine to lose sight of the basic things that are necessary for a healthy existence. My self-reflection on this trip beganContinue reading “Self Reflection in Spain”

Get Hygge With It – Part I

Recently I have become fascinated with this concept of Hygge (pronounced hoo ga). I have been sharing info about Hygge with my oldest daughter and some of my friends. Because I am really thrilled with “Hygge living”, I wanted to share this info with my SouthernmomJD family as well. The concept of Hygge originated inContinue reading “Get Hygge With It – Part I”

Why I Broke Up With Social Media

I have walked away from my social media accounts for the past couple of months. Honestly, my initial decision to walk away was not prompted by some strong desire to regroup and reflect. In fact, I felt forced to walk away. So, I was angry and bitter for a couple of weeks after deactivating myContinue reading “Why I Broke Up With Social Media”

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