Food For Thought: Destiny Fulfilled

I often come across conversations that make me dig deep. In the interview below, Oprah asked, “What is the most difficult decision you have had to make to fulfill your destiny?” After giving it much thought, I realize that I have had to make a number of difficult decisions simply to get on the pathContinue reading “Food For Thought: Destiny Fulfilled”

Take Time To Recenter Yourself

I have been intentional about recentering lately! When you are willing to listen, your spirit truly tells you what you need. Recentering helps me to navigate and remain open to the natural guidance being offered. Recentering helps me by: Giving me the strength to plant my roots and live in my purpose despite the worldContinue reading “Take Time To Recenter Yourself”

Self-Love Anniversary: What Should I Do?

OCTOBER 15, 2020 IS MY OFFICIAL SELF-LOVE ANNIVERSARY! I AM SUPER EXCITED, although I have no idea how to celebrate due to time constraints and COVID-19. My cousin has started creating a “50 by 50” list. This is her list of things she wants to do before her 50th birthday. Her list is pretty awesome! In fact,Continue reading “Self-Love Anniversary: What Should I Do?”

Are You In Love With Yourself?

When is the last time you have said, “I Love You” to yourself and truly meant it? It is so odd to me how I sought love from others for so many years without ever stopping to think about whether I loved myself. I think about all of the time I spent with friends talkingContinue reading “Are You In Love With Yourself?”

Black Lives Matter: You Cannot Afford to Burn Out

The change that we need in our country is not going to happen overnight. If we are committed to change, we must be prepared to fight long and hard. Like so many others, I have been feeling huge waves of emotion since May 25, 2020, the day we witnessed George Floyd being murdered by DerekContinue reading “Black Lives Matter: You Cannot Afford to Burn Out”

Are You Okay??

(TRUTH BE TOLD) Everyone has their own story Can you hear silent cries, do they have any validity, or are they wasted emotions? I would dare to say there aren’t any emotions in my opinion that should be seen as wasted Though we tend not to express oneself in the same manner, the release isContinue reading “Are You Okay??”

Living With Lupus

Lupus: a chronic, autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation and pain in any part of your body as your immune system attacks healthy tissue Third Times A Charm, I Hope “The Good Doctor”, doctor number five, walked into the room. He reminded me of doctor number two, who was supposed to be “the good doctor.”Continue reading “Living With Lupus”