Dear Black Man, I See You

Today I am continuing my quest to put positive energy and love out in the universe! One of my cousins who has been married for over 20 years told me about how her husband has never said one word in all of the years they have been together about… (I respect that the details areContinue reading “Dear Black Man, I See You”

Glass 1/2 Full: Five Things I Accomplished In 2020

I love making New Years Resolutions. It is my way of setting my intentions and holding myself accountable for my year ahead. This year my resolutions will come in the form of a vision board. As the year comes to a close, I rarely take the time to appreciate all of the things that IContinue reading “Glass 1/2 Full: Five Things I Accomplished In 2020”

Always And Forever My Love Is Now Available

It had been eighteen years since she had seen him. Eighteen years. She could feel her heart begin to roar in her ears when he walked into the courtroom. As she tried to control her breathing, Ariana was certain that everyone around her could see her chest trying its level best to contain her racingContinue reading “Always And Forever My Love Is Now Available”

Massive Meltdown? No Worries: 7 Things To Help You Reset and Recover

The pressure of being disconnected from the world as I know it, coupled with some personal challenges, finally got to me yesterday. I had a MM (code for massive meltdown), like ugly cry and all. When Chadwick Boseman died, I watched Amanda Seales share the overwhelming grief she felt about his untimely death, her personalContinue reading “Massive Meltdown? No Worries: 7 Things To Help You Reset and Recover”

How Are You?: 5 Things To Combat The COVID Blues

When COVID first hit and we were required to stay at home, I was probably a little too excited. I was burned out and saw the opportunity as a way to restore myself… That was in March! April, I was still enjoying my time at home! May still enjoying! By June, I was starting toContinue reading “How Are You?: 5 Things To Combat The COVID Blues”

Short PSA: Be Prepared To Vote

This is a critical time in our country! We cannot afford not to vote! NEED I SAY MORE? Click here to see if you are registered to vote Click here to register to vote NO EXCUSES!

Who Am I?: When Is The Last Time You Asked Yourself That Question

As you know, October 15, 2020, is my self-love anniversary! So, I have naturally been talking about self-love a lot lately. You know how it is when you start a new relationship with someone. You walk around all giddy and happy and drive your friends crazy, talking about how wonderful and perfect that person is.Continue reading “Who Am I?: When Is The Last Time You Asked Yourself That Question”

Self Reflection in Spain

In addition to being fascinated by exploring new places, I enjoy travel because it gives me time for self-reflection. It is so easy when you are in the midst of your day to day routine to lose sight of the basic things that are necessary for a healthy existence. My self-reflection on this trip beganContinue reading “Self Reflection in Spain”


Hi everyone! It has been such a busy time for me. I am really excited about everything going on in my life right now. Today I want to share two exciting things with you. FIRST THING: I have launched a podcast! Vibin’ With Tonza is a podcast about LIFE, LOVE & EMPOWERMENT! I am greatlyContinue reading “IT HAS BEEN A MINUTE! I MISSED YOU GUYS!”

President of the “Bitter Bitches” Club

I recently learned that I had been bestowed the honor of serving as President of the “Bitter Bitches” Club. Ironically the person that had taken on the responsibility of looking for the perfect candidate never bothered to let me know that I was being considered for such a prestigious position. Therefore it should come asContinue reading “President of the “Bitter Bitches” Club”