Behind Closed Doors -An Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from my fictional ebook Behind Closed Doors. Behind Closed Doors is 4 short stories about professional households living with domestic violence. …After five hours in the emergency room, she was relieved to learn that her nose was not broken. Once all of her paperwork was completed and the nurse had left,Continue reading “Behind Closed Doors -An Excerpt”

Because I Said So: Event Etiquette

In the event industry I encounter a lot of people with differing ideas on how to run events. This ranges from organization, invitations, decor, you name it, I have heard it or seen it.  One element of event planning and execution that is consistently brought up, whether it’s a wedding or baby shower is invitationContinue reading “Because I Said So: Event Etiquette”

What We Have Works

I’m kicking off this Monday morning by sharing a piece written by Mrs. Tawana Farley. There is power in sharing our individual and collective experiences. I am grateful for Tawana’s willingness to join the conversation. -Tonza April 5th, 1999, my life changed forever. Growing up, I would go through heartbreak and hurt, and every timeContinue reading “What We Have Works”

Forest For The Trees

I have had my share of heartbreak.  Most of my heartbreak came from one man.  Just one.  And when I say that he broke my heart, that’s what I mean.  He is the only man that I can say that I have ever really loved.  The end of that relationship almost felt like a deathContinue reading “Forest For The Trees”