IV Hydration: I Did It!

iv hydration therapy

My digestive system is a “hot mess”. In addition to seeking medical care, I am making some dietary changes with the hopes of helping my body to heal. My biggest battle has been with my daily dark roast caffeinated cups of coffee. I am that two coffee maker owner kind of girl. The girl whose morning stretching exercises begin with me getting out of bed and taking long strides to the kitchen to get my morning joe going. That girl whose morning meditation includes standing quietly by my coffee maker solely focusing on my lovely cup of joe as it drips into my cup. Okay, Okay, you get the point. I HAVE A VERY UNHEALTHY CO-DEPENDENT RELATIONSHIP WITH COFFEE.

Hydrate Medical

With some strong encouragement from a dear friend, I decided that I needed to end this toxic relationship for the sake of my digestive tract. Of course, my body was not too thrilled with my decision to forego my dark roast caffeinated cup of “black love” (yes, I am a little dramatic). But, I bit the bullet and made the switch to mushroom coffee. Yup, mushroom coffee (a conversation for a different day). To combat the sluggishness that I kept complaining about, I headed to Cary, NC for some IV hydration therapy.

Since learning and writing about IV hydration therapy, I have wanted to experience it firsthand. So, I was super excited to head to Hydrate Medical in Cary, NC, to see if the drip (IV drip, that is) was all that it was hyped up to be. My conclusion: One visit is not enough for me to honestly tell. But, I enjoyed the experience enough to make me want to return for another dose next month.

The experience overall was very pleasant. Hydrate Medical was very clean and inviting. I was lucky enough to have a room to myself while allowing the drip to course through my veins. My nurse was super pleasant and answered all of my questions. I was there for about 30-45 minutes, so I wished the lights were a bit dimmer, the music was a little calmer, and they had given me a cozy “blanky” to wrap myself in. But the absence of those things was absolutely not a deal-breaker for me. In fact, when I return, I plan to take my own “blanky” and bose earbuds. Hell, I might even get a sleeping mask and take it along.

What is something that you do as part of your self-care regimen? Would you try IV hydration therapy?

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  1. Thanks for sharing 😌 and I am so grateful for you feeling better, and loving it enough to go back.

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