Should We All Be Feminists?

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Chim-muh-MAHN-duh en-GOH-zee ah-DEECH-ee-(ay) The “ay” is soft) is a boss. Several years ago, after hearing her Ted Talk entitled We Should All Be Feminists, I immediately ordered the book and read it at least three times before moving on to my next reading endeavor. We say to girls, ‘You can have ambition,Continue reading “Should We All Be Feminists?”

WOMAN POWER (Yup, I said it! :-))

I am super excited about the new direction that my life is headed in! WAIT, I feel like I may have told you that already… oh well if I did, my excitement makes me want to tell you again! 🙂 I guess in a sense it has always been heading in this direction, I justContinue reading “WOMAN POWER (Yup, I said it! :-))”

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What The Entire FU*#

I am in the middle of reading Recipe for a Perfect Wife by Karma Brown. Boy, the messaging sent to women via the media and other outlet sources over the years has done a complete 180! I was so fascinated with some of these excerpts that Karma Brown shared in her book that I hadContinue reading “What The Entire FU*#”

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Women That Inspire Me

Hi everyone!! I really have missed blogging over the past couple of weeks.  Court demands, and, other projects have been consuming so much of  my time. Anyway, I have decided to dedicate my next couple of blog posts to sharing more information about me, Tonza D. Ruffin :-). To kick this project off, here are threeContinue reading “Women That Inspire Me”

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Mommy vs. Feminist/Activist

For those of you that did not get to read it, I decided to share my last column in the Bertie-Ledger. Let me know your thoughts! A couple of years ago, I selfishly refused to understand a mother’s view when she explained that she had little to no concern about her African-American son making aContinue reading “Mommy vs. Feminist/Activist”

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I am a Feminist (but, I like a man who is chivalrous)

In this quest for equality as women have we led men to believe that we no longer desire a chivalrous man at our side? If so, men please accept my apology for the role that I have played in the confusion.  Sure, I want equal pay and equal access to opportunities. I want to beContinue reading “I am a Feminist (but, I like a man who is chivalrous)”

Don’t Test My Mouth

BY TAKIYA LEWIS Why do I have to control my mouth? Do you have to control yours? Why do I have to keep my legs closed? Do you have to keep your pants up? Why do I have to conform to your ideals of a woman? Do you have to conform to my ideals ofContinue reading “Don’t Test My Mouth”