I’m Feeling Myself: Is That A Bad Thing?

I was chatting with a friend the other day, and she shared an experience with me that I just have not been able to get out of my head. She was at work when a co-worker told her that she looked really nice. In response to what she perceived to be a compliment, my friendContinue reading “I’m Feeling Myself: Is That A Bad Thing?”

“Bad Bitches” Have Bad Days

“Bad Bitches Have Bad Days” is the phrase that came into my head when I initially began thinking about this post. In my mind, there needed to be a conversation about allowing women to “just be” without judgment. And, I still believe that is a conversation we should have. Just not today. Today I wantContinue reading ““Bad Bitches” Have Bad Days”

Mindset Shift: 4 Things That Will Lead to One’s Peace and Happiness In Life

2020 has been life-altering for many, me included! Initially, I was completely blindsided by the seriousness of COVID-19. In fact, I was traveling home from Spain with my middle daughter when COVID-19 became very real to me. I remember making my way through NY customs, feeling a little panicked as I looked around and sawContinue reading “Mindset Shift: 4 Things That Will Lead to One’s Peace and Happiness In Life”

What Tonza Wants: Over 40 and Dating (5 Traits of an Ideal Mate for Me)

I recently read an interesting article about what men in my age group are attracted to. I thought this article did a wonderful job of providing some insight into the mind of a mature man seeking companionship. It also led to some introspection on my part…What do I want? After careful consideration, while blasting EllaContinue reading “What Tonza Wants: Over 40 and Dating (5 Traits of an Ideal Mate for Me)”

Women That Inspire Me

Hi everyone!! I really have missed blogging over the past couple of weeks.  Court demands, and, other projects have been consuming so much of  my time. Anyway, I have decided to dedicate my next couple of blog posts to sharing more information about me, Tonza D. Ruffin :-). To kick this project off, here are threeContinue reading “Women That Inspire Me”

No Hoping Allowed

My friends are the dating gurus, or at least they think they are. More importantly, they think I am absolutely clueless when it comes to dating. I will admit I am partially to blame. Sometimes I enjoy playing “clueless” with folks. It makes them relax, and the expressions on people’s faces when I go into “clueless” mode are priceless.Continue reading “No Hoping Allowed”