3 Relationship Podcast Episodes Worth Listening To

It’s fall! Not only do you want to snuggle up with a good book during this time of the year, you also want to snuggle and feel the warmth and closeness of another human being in your life. I have been snuggling with some great podcast episodes. Today I want to share three specific podcastContinue reading “3 Relationship Podcast Episodes Worth Listening To”

Is “Don’t Mess This Up” Relationship Advice We Should Be Giving?

How many times has someone told you, “don’t mess this up”? have you told someone, “don’t mess this up”? has someone told someone you are dating, “don’t mess this up”? As the giver of such advice, my intentions were always good. I believed that the recipient was failing to see how incredible her mate wasContinue reading “Is “Don’t Mess This Up” Relationship Advice We Should Be Giving?”

Teen Dating Violence

If you have never had a conversation with your teenager about teen dating violence, you should. Teen dating violence is more common than one would care to think. And, sorry to disappoint all of you that believe your kids tell you everything. They don’t. According to a study conducted by Teenage Research Unlimited, 67% ofContinue reading “Teen Dating Violence”

The “F” Word: The Woes of Being Over 40 and Dating

Apparently, I did not get the 2019 single woman’s memo, the “F” word is never to be raised, or discussed until you have been dating/seeing someone for a solid 6 months, year, 2 years…maybe NEVER. Up until his visceral rejection of my revelation, I thought we were kind of feeling each other despite the fact that weContinue reading “The “F” Word: The Woes of Being Over 40 and Dating”

Submissive Boss Chick

If someone asked me to describe myself in 3 words or less, I would say “submissive boss chick”. I know, I know…a bit of an oxymoron, huh? But wait, let me explain before you start judging and trying to snatch my superwoman cape. I am willing to bet there are other women out there that canContinue reading “Submissive Boss Chick”

What Tonza Wants: Over 40 and Dating (5 Traits of an Ideal Mate for Me)

I recently read an interesting article about what men in my age group are attracted to. I thought this article did a wonderful job of providing some insight into the mind of a mature man seeking companionship. It also led to some introspection on my part…What do I want? After careful consideration, while blasting EllaContinue reading “What Tonza Wants: Over 40 and Dating (5 Traits of an Ideal Mate for Me)”

The Girl Code

While sitting around talking to family and friends the other day, the “Girl Code” came up. My younger cousin was talking about how she managed to move on after an ex-boyfriend really hurt her. Following their painful breakup they were able to talk and salvage their friendship. As friends, my cousin told her ex thatContinue reading “The Girl Code”

My Children Are Dating Gurus

This morning as I was in the middle of my morning walk, I had an AHA moment! Single moms reentering the dating scene have an advantage over women without kids. Unfortunately it seems that many of us are overlooking our most valuable resource, our children. That’s right. Our children’s dating skills are being woefully underutilizedContinue reading “My Children Are Dating Gurus”

I Want a Behind the Scenes Man

Of course, I do not know all of the factors that go into a man determining whether or not he is attracted to a woman. As women we all have experienced that man staring at us like we are a piece of pork chop on a plate. Hell, the beauty and clothing industry makes “gazillion’s”Continue reading “I Want a Behind the Scenes Man”