I’m Feeling Myself: Is That A Bad Thing?

I was chatting with a friend the other day, and she shared an experience with me that I just have not been able to get out of my head. She was at work when a co-worker told her that she looked really nice. In response to what she perceived to be a compliment, my friendContinue reading “I’m Feeling Myself: Is That A Bad Thing?”

Why Me

I lived in fear.  Fear is a powerful force. Fear coupled with a society that, consciously or unconsciously, imposes its standards on you, without regard for your individuality, can be debilitating to the psyche.  For so many years I suppressed my dreams and desires. I feared rejection and failure. This fear made me work hardContinue reading “Why Me”

Shout Out to All of My GEN Xs: A little inspiration for us!

Apparently being 49 years old makes me a Gen Xer. There are some people out there in the world that believe that life for Gen Xs is basically over. Those people attribute my desire to go hard and pursue my passion in my 40’s to me “going off the deep end” or having a badContinue reading “Shout Out to All of My GEN Xs: A little inspiration for us!”

WOMAN POWER (Yup, I said it! :-))

I am super excited about the new direction that my life is headed in! WAIT, I feel like I may have told you that already… oh well if I did, my excitement makes me want to tell you again! 🙂 I guess in a sense it has always been heading in this direction, I justContinue reading “WOMAN POWER (Yup, I said it! :-))”

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Hi everyone! It has been such a busy time for me. I am really excited about everything going on in my life right now. Today I want to share two exciting things with you. FIRST THING: I have launched a podcast! Vibin’ With Tonza is a podcast about LIFE, LOVE & EMPOWERMENT! I am greatlyContinue reading “IT HAS BEEN A MINUTE! I MISSED YOU GUYS!”

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Black Women don’t support one another enough. There, I said it! Often we refer to it as the “Crabs In A Barrel” mindset which essentially means we fear helping another will somehow interfere with our ability to attain greatness. I will be the first to admit in my younger years I hoarded knowledge that wouldContinue reading “CRABS IN A BARREL”

Submissive Boss Chick

If someone asked me to describe myself in 3 words or less, I would say “submissive boss chick”. I know, I know…a bit of an oxymoron, huh? But wait, let me explain before you start judging and trying to snatch my superwoman cape. I am willing to bet there are other women out there that canContinue reading “Submissive Boss Chick”

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