Do Something Different: Wine and Paint Night

wine and paint canvas

I will admit, COVID-19 has made me a TV junkie and a bit more introverted. I have written several posts about movies/series/television shows I have watched over the past year.

I recently forced myself to leave my home and hang out with a group of friends for a “Galentine” celebration. My plan was to hang out for a couple of hours because I was greatly missing social interaction. As usual, a couple of hours turned into several hours of laughter and good conversation. Something I really needed.

Abbey, the hostess, is the ultimate event planner! She decided she wanted us to do more than just sit around, watch movies and drink wine during our time together, so she planned a wine and paint night from the comfort of her home.

If you are looking for something to do with a small group, I recommend you try a wine and paint night. I am so pumped about this experience I plan to do one with my daughters (No wine for Gabby, of course). It is a great way to relax and connect while trying something different.

Want to give it a try? Here is what you will need.

Wine, of course

Have each person bring at least one bottle of their choice to add a little variety. I bought a red blend of course :-).


Prepare a great vibin’ playlist in advance or do like Abbey did. Each of us had an opportunity to make song recommendations. I had forgotten all about Ashanti’s “Baby” (in fact, I am listening to it now :-)) until our get-together, I quickly added it to my regular playlist and played it at least 3 times during my drive home.

Paint supplies

paint, paint tray palettes, paint brushes, and small tabletop easels, cups of water to clean your brushes.

Canvas’ to paint!

Abbey wanted us to remember our evening for years to come, so she chose a pic that depicted life as we know it in 2021. I named our pieces the “Women of Distinction”. Aren’t they cute?

If you decide to do your own wine and paint night, please be sure to send me pics of your masterpieces.

Much Love,


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