Phoenix, Arizona Forged a Place in My Heart: Tonza’s Travel Adventures

When I walked through the streets of downtown Phoenix, I felt like I belonged. I felt free. I felt as though I had finally found my landing spot (I felt this feeling when I was surfing in Maui many years ago too! LOL!).

Anywho enough about my deep feelings for Phoenix. I wanted to take a moment to share some highlights from my trip with you all.

Airbnb knocked it out of the park once again! I found the perfect space in Downtown Phoenix for my brief stay. While the accommodations were out of this world comfy, the cost (less than $80.00 per night) made my heart sing with joy.

My home away from home during this adventure was a beautifully equipped, modern studio apartment with a king-sized bed. And while I greatly enjoyed rolling around the huge bed without having Gabby nearby to kick me in the head, my favorite part of the apartment was the floor to ceiling windows. The constant view of the city from the 13th floor was artwork within itself.

The amenities in the building were also to die for: gym, jacuzzi, heated pool, and a clubhouse equipped with a pool table, gigantic televisions, and a kitchen.

I highly recommend this Airbnb location if you want to just get away from the world for a while. You can stock up on groceries and simply rotate from your apartment to the gym or pool. In fact, I’m planning to do just that in the near future!

On my first night in town I went to the Vegan House and enjoyed veggie pot stickers and jungle noodles. I sooooo wish I had access to restaurants like the Vegan House here in Windsor.

Songbird Coffee and Tea House owned by Erin Westgate quickly became my favorite spot to just “go and be”. Located in a small historic house, this was a great place to just hang out and drink coffee while I people watched and worked on my writing. The vibe of the place was warm and inviting.

In addition to being a coffee and tea house it seems that the owner also uses the space to introduce the world to artists, writers, musicians etc. Who knows, maybe one day I will be there sharing Pieces of Me :-).

The Roosevelt Row Arts District reminded me of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami. While clearly not as developed as Wynwood, Roosevelt Row, after being neglected for years, has become a cute artsy, hip community.

I guess you can tell by now I would highly recommend a trip to Phoenix, Arizona if you are looking for a new adventure. If I had to narrow it down to 2 things I really loved about the city I would say;

  1. Walkable. I feel like I am always stuck in my car driving from place to place when I am at home in North Carolina, so when I am able to get away, I love to find locations where I can essentially walk wherever I want to go.
  2. Weather. The weather was perfect! I never felt too cold to be outside. My lightweight North Face jacket was the most I needed.

Gotta run! I am preparing for my trip to freezing cold Philly this weekend for the Eagles vs. Cowboys football game! I have no idea how I thought this was a good idea when my daughter suggested it. There is no dome at Lincoln Financial Field, and I DO NOT even like football that much! LOL!

Until next time…

Much Love,



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8 thoughts on “Phoenix, Arizona Forged a Place in My Heart: Tonza’s Travel Adventures

  1. GM,
    Thanks for the reference. I’m looking for new places to experience. This will be on my list. I also like the idea of Airbnb. My son has shared similar experiences.
    Be adventurous and careful.

    1. Good morning! If you haven’t experienced NOLA and Miami be sure to add those to your list as well!!!

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