When My Freedom To Roam the Earth is Restored: I See a Film Festival in My Future

For about a month and a half, I felt the days were flying by because I was enjoying every minute I was in the house, safely tucked away from the demands of my world.

The Pandemic gave me the break that I so desperately needed. I am still enjoying the break from the demands of my life, but anyone that knows me knows that I love an adventure. For the past week or so, I have been craving an adventure. Because I believe that COVID-19 is serious and social distancing is necessary, I have been compiling lists of things that I want to do whenever my freedom to roam is restored.

A couple of years ago, I went to New York with my youngest daughter for DOC NYC.

We had a blast exploring the city while taking in some wonderful documentaries. I want to go back to DOC NYC without my daughter! It is not that I don’t love traveling with my wonderful daughters. I really do! Sometimes.

All “mom women” know that travel is different when you are traveling as a “mom woman” versus “woman woman”.

As a “mom woman”, we have to worry about making sure our little chickadees are fed when they are hungry, can rest when they need to, are entertained, etc. Because if we don’t, our little chickadees will turn what was supposed to be an incredible adventure into a living hell. Or at least that is how my little chickadees operate! Knowing this meant I had to forego a lot of documentaries I wanted to see at DOC NYC and limit myself to two carefully selected films. Thus the reason I have been spending my quarantine days dreaming of returning alone! I want to take in as many films as I want without having to worry about my little chickadees sending me all of those negative vibes when they become unhappy.

Having time to daydream has caused me to ramp my wish list up. Now I am in full-on film festival mode. Here are a few that I came across that you might like to daydream about attending too.

Cannes Film Festival

Really, this one will probably stay in the daydream section of my life. It seems that the Cannes Film Festival in all of its glitz and glamour is for glitzy film folks only. But who says I can’t go hang out in Cannes, France and just enjoy the atmosphere.

No worries, if you live in the United States like me and have no desire to travel halfway across the world for a film festival that you can’t even participate in, here are a few that take place right here in the United States.

The Sundance Film Festival

This film festival takes place in January every year in Utah and is the largest independent film festival in the United States. I’ve never been to Utah so that is a plus and my birthday is in January, another plus.

The BlackStar Film Festival

The BlackStar Film Festival focuses on films by filmmakers of color from around the world and has been dubbed “the Black Sundance”. It is an annual event that takes place in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.

The Baltimore International Black Film Festival

If you are a film lover who also loves seafood, you might want to consider the Baltimore International Black Film Festival. This annual film festival focuses on Black art and culture, social justice and films that celebrate the LGBTQ community.

So what do you think? Do you see a film festival in your future?

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