What Is Your Attachment Style


A person’s specific way of relating to others in relationships.

Definition of Attachment Style

Before you start reading, if you are a parent, please know this post will make you reflect and possibly travel down a rabbit hole full of guilty feelings. Stop yourself.

There are numerous studies out there that focus on an individual’s attachment style. And, just as you guessed, how a child is reared plays a significant role in their attachment style. But, here is some good news for parents. The buck does not necessarily stop with parents. It seems that other people can significantly impact a person’s attachment style. The great news! Unhealthy attachment styles do not have to be permanent.

Now that I have shared this disclaimer here are the four attachment styles:

secure relationship


This is the gold standard of attachment styles; believe it or not, research has shown that 56% of adults have a secure attachment style.

In a nutshell, a securely attached person can

  • trust and be trusted,
  • love and accept love, and
  • get close to others with relative ease.
unhealthy relationships


Research has shown that 25% of adults are avoidant attachers.

If you are an avoidant attacher, you

  • struggle with getting close to others in relationships
  • are emotionally unavailable in relationships
  • prefer independence
unhappy relationship


Research has shown that 19% of adults are anxious attachers.

If you are an anxious attacher, you

  • tend to be very insecure about your relationships
  • tend to always be hungry for validation
unhealthy relationship

Fearful Avoidant

Fearful avoidant attachers are also known as disorganized attachers.

If you are a fearful avoidant attacher, you

  • desperately crave affection AND want to avoid it at all costs.
  • have a strong need to feel loved by others BUT are reluctant to develop a close romantic relationship.

Wondering what attachment style you have? I figured you would be. No worries. Click here to take a short quiz.

If you are anything like me, you want a second opinion. Click here if you want a second opinion.

Next week, I will share the parenting styles that lead to each attachment style. Stay tuned!

Much Love,


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  1. I think you’ll agree that people have been known to change from “person’s attachment styles” as they get older or after a good or bad relationship.

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