V.A.T. (Victory After This)

There’s nothing u can say or do right now to help these feelings of brokenness

 Can’t u see the pain, hear it in my cry and feel my pain

 Oh I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe 

 Tell me how much more do we have to endure

 The senseless violence, riots out of control 

 I can’t breathe past the fear of never-ending threats

 I simply can’t breathe with a clear sense of feeling there’s justice and peace

To hear within my spirit as I close my eyes, focus on the spirit of peace which finally fills my lungs bc I’m within the realm of safety behind these 4 walls


 Genocide, homicide, where is the justice for the Human side

 Is it all a dream, no its living reality 

 The reality of being shut down, an attempt to be kept silenced

 The weapon of choice chosen is brutality, whether its physical, emotional or mentally

 The backlash is all hitting the same; it’s the pain of injustice in this world for people of color.

 Tangled in a massive web, handcuffed, caged, a foot or knee placed in your back, on your neck, hands grasped around one’s neck. The force of death stares, taunting of hatred piercing eyes, the demons no longer in disguise 

 Oh!!!, they bold, bold with theirs now

 Where is the leader upon this ship who now voices he’s made a drastic change for America

 Really, ok, so elaborate for us why don’t you Sir….

 What was the plan of attack all along, to silence the majority of those u felt were a threat by any means necessary

Exactly what have u done that’s so great, our country tears of thee, the tears of those who are wrongfully abused, those brutally beat to keep them silenced, those who were unjustly murdered and now the rumors of negligence covered up.

 Is anyone safe anymore in this so-called land of liberty

The land where our fathers died, many more are still yet dying, and no one seems to fully understand the magnitude of the anger, frustration within the people of this world. 

The Freedom Bell for people of color evidently is of a different caliber. This bell is silent or nonexistent to those who have chosen to take matters into their own hands. 

 Lord I honestly don’t understand 

 Why is it the color of one’s skin, their ethnicity seen as threatening? 

Why aren’t black men, women, boys, girls, accepted as EQUAL in today’s society? And it appears that the majority will never be fully accepted by the oppressed bigots of the world. 

 This leads u to wonder who hurt them so badly in their lifetime that it has spewed over thousands of years and is seemingly Never-ending. 

 Why does freedom of equality, freedom of speech for African Americans carry such a threat to the world-class today? 

 Where is the justice, peace, when it appears all that’s being done within the government is corruption?

Why does it have to feel as if it’s us, against the world, because it appears those filled with such hatred are using every tactic within their arsenal cabinets to keep people of color broken and silenced like slaves…


Published by Monica Holley

My name is, Monica M. Holley I’m 49 yrs old, and I work for Bertie Co. DSS as an Income Maintenance Casework, IMC II. I am a proud mom of 4 children, (1 son and 3 daughters), and I AM A SURVIVOR. A SURVIVOR of depression, suicidal attempts, emotional/physical anxiety, and miscarriage. There are days it feels as if I’m going backwards, nonetheless, I pray/seek God for strength and push forward. I enjoy writing poetry, journaling, brainstorming ideas for tee shirts, stationary, books, etc., decorating and creating my own unique outfits. It will take time but I’m slowly learning who I am. Without a doubt I know that I AM UNIKLY PURPSD. My favorite bible verse is Proverbs 3:5-6 TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART,AND LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING; IN ALL YOUR WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM, AND HE SHALL DIRECT YOUR PATHS. No matter how things look or how I’m feeling, I choose to lean on God because I have to. He is my lifeline and without him I know I would be dead or in a mental facility.

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