Using My Time Wisely


  • I finally OPTED OUT. I don’t know about you, but my mailbox is usually filled with stuff that I just move from the mailbox to the trash can. With all of this downtime, I finally had a chance to opt-out so that I can stop receiving random credit card and insurance offers in the mail. I’m soooooo excited! Okay, maybe a little too excited.You wanna know how to do it? Simply go to and complete the form. Once completed, you will have a five-year break from insurance and credit card mailings.
  • Played online games while simultaneously helping to solve the world hunger problem! I’m so proud of myself!! Okay, maybe a little too excited again. But the Freerice App is a cool app that lets you exercise your brain by quizzing you in art, vocabulary, geography, etc. Whenever you get the answers right, an ad will appear. The sponsor for that ad donates to the United Nations’ World Food Programme. Imagine if we all played the game, what an impact we could have. If you prefer to game on your computer, no worries, you can go to and play all day!
  • Census completed. I completed my Census without having to receive 5-10 reminders that I am OBLIGATED(meaning it is MANDATORY) to do it. Now that it is done, I keep asking myself why I always procrastinate when it comes to things like the Census. It literally took me five minutes to complete online! If you haven’t completed yours, do it. It is really important because the Census impacts how federal funds are distributed throughout our country. If they don’t know we exist, how can they know we need funds? So, get it done.
  • Family chat up and running. My family is spread out everywhere(Spain, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, North Carolina, etc.). We are all busy working and trying to take care of our households. Although we promise to do better at staying in touch every time we come together for a family event or funeral, we rarely communicate once we return to our respective homes. Having a moment to breathe and be still gave me the opportunity to start a group chat for my family using WhatsApp. It has been wonderful just to be able to greet each other each day and talk about random, meaningless stuff. We have taken it to the next level by doing a couple of ZOOM family meetings! We are all so happy to be connected during this time! The great thing is WhatsApp and ZOOM will make it easy for us to stay connected when the world returns to business as usual.
  • Writing notes to people on my mind. I often think about my former clients that are serving time in prison. While the world often judges these individuals by the crimes they commit, lawyers often bond with their clients and see the human, vulnerable side of the individuals filling our prisons. Pre social distancing I often complained about not having time to write a note just to say hi when one of my former clients would come across my mind. Now is the perfect time to follow through, so I have sent out notes to several just to let them know I was thinking of them.

Now is a wonderful time to get that big to do list done, create some better practices in your life, enjoy those you are connected to, and let someone know that they matter.

What are some things that you are doing with this time that has been given to us?

Much Love,


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