Knowledge is Power: Terms We Are Hearing a Lot Lately

There is a myriad of conversations taking place in the wake of George Floyd’s murder about ways to change the landscape in our society so that we can move beyond our countries biggest sin, slavery. One of the things that everyone can agree on is we all must be take time to learn about and understand the issues that have caused our country to be in this stagnant position for far too long. I, like many of you, strongly believe that knowledge is where it all begins. Unfortunately, I don’t necessarily agree with the quote, “when you know better, you do better.” If that were the case, we would not find ourselves still dealing with all of the ism’s that still haunt us today. I do, however, wholeheartedly believe, “when you know better, you can do better.” Here are five basic terms that I think we all need to be familiar with when we engage in conversations about overcoming our countries biggest sin.

Voting Statistics

Voter Suppression

Attempting to affect the outcome of an election by creating ways that make it difficult for certain people to vote with the hopes that they become discouraged.

Examples of Voter Suppression

  • Reducing the number of early voting days available to voters
  • Requiring photo id to vote
  • eliminating same day voter registration
Voting statistics

Voter Disenfranchisment

To take away/deprive a person of their right to vote.

voting statistics


To treat someone like they are not important, less important, insignificant.

voting statistics

Defunding Police

DOES NOT MEAN getting rid of police entirely.

DOES MEAN taking away some of the money given to police and using it in areas that may be more helpful in combating problems that exist in a community. For example- mental health treatment, substance programs, education.

Systemic Oppression

a community/society that is set up through its institutions to mistreat folks that it believes should be marginalized.

Are you having conversations in your community that center around change and advancement? It is time to truly even the playing field.

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2 thoughts on “Knowledge is Power: Terms We Are Hearing a Lot Lately

  1. A very needed conversation starter because defunding the police does not mean closing police departments. Like the dumb ad 45 is running. Which is a testament to his administration since it’s happening in real time. Like NOW!

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