I could not let this day go by without saying a huge THANK YOU! Your consistent and continued support means the world to me! I love taking time to reflect and think about all of the things I am thankful for. Today I want to encourage you all to take a moment to think of,Continue reading “HAPPY THANKSGIVING”

Look On The Bright Side: 3 Suggestions If You Will Be Spending Thanksgiving Solo

The sale of my home and two adult children have changed the holiday landscape for me. What does one do when your home is no longer the central hub for annual gatherings? And, your adult children are doing what you have taught them to do, branching out and creating the life they desire? And, yourContinue reading “Look On The Bright Side: 3 Suggestions If You Will Be Spending Thanksgiving Solo”

Thanksgiving in Charleston, SC: Tonza’s Travel Adventures

As we walked through the historic district in Charleston, South Carolina, admiring the beautiful homes, I could just imagine myself sitting on the front porch, sipping a mint julep. Spending Thanksgiving with the “Original Divas” was a blast. If you enjoy food, history, and beautiful homes, you need to add Charleston, South Carolina, to yourContinue reading “Thanksgiving in Charleston, SC: Tonza’s Travel Adventures”


This is my second year being away from home on Thanksgiving. Last year we celebrated in Cape May, New Jersey.  This year I decided to roll out with my mom and cousin and head to beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. As a natural wanderer, I  am enjoying this non-traditional way of celebrating the holiday. Since IContinue reading “HAPPY THANKSGIVING”

Thanksgiving in Cape May, NJ: Tonza’s Travel Adventures

I was hoping to convince my family to return to New York for another fun-filled vacation, so when my mother suggested we spend Thanksgiving in Cape May, New Jersey, I was less than thrilled. It had been years since I traveled to Cape May and, there was nothing in my memory bank that made meContinue reading “Thanksgiving in Cape May, NJ: Tonza’s Travel Adventures”