President of the “Bitter Bitches” Club

I recently learned that I had been bestowed the honor of serving as President of the “Bitter Bitches” Club. Ironically the person that had taken on the responsibility of looking for the perfect candidate never bothered to let me know that I was being considered for such a prestigious position. Therefore it should come asContinue reading “President of the “Bitter Bitches” Club”

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Thanksgiving in Charleston, SC: Tonza’s Travel Adventures

As we walked through the historic district in Charleston, South Carolina, admiring the beautiful homes, I could just imagine myself sitting on the front porch, sipping a mint julep. Spending Thanksgiving with the “Original Divas” was a blast. If you enjoy food, history, and beautiful homes, you need to add Charleston, South Carolina, to yourContinue reading “Thanksgiving in Charleston, SC: Tonza’s Travel Adventures”

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This is my second year being away from home on Thanksgiving. Last year we celebrated in Cape May, New Jersey.  This year I decided to roll out with my mom and cousin and head to beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. As a natural wanderer, I  am enjoying this non-traditional way of celebrating the holiday. Since IContinue reading “HAPPY THANKSGIVING”

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Hit The Reset Button

Yesterday a lady stopped me in the parking lot to let me know she had read Pieces Of Me. She went on to say that it contained a powerful word and it was going to be helpful to many! My heart just beamed❤️❤️❤️. I was so incredibly thankful that she thought enough of me toContinue reading “Hit The Reset Button”

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Bell Avenue (Childhood)

I grew up waiting for the day that my father would finally make my mother breathe her last breath. From the outside looking in you would have never known the horror that existed in my life as a little girl. My parents were living the American dream as a young, black couple in America. WeContinue reading “Bell Avenue (Childhood)”

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Yesterday, before I took a major leap of faith and released something near and dear to me into the universe, I said a prayer. While I am a pretty transparent person, I rarely share my prayer life with the world. I will not lie, discussing my prayer life openly makes me feel a little hokie!Continue reading “Thankful!”

The “F” Word: The Woes of Being Over 40 and Dating

Apparently, I did not get the 2019 single woman’s memo, the “F” word is never to be raised, or discussed until you have been dating/seeing someone for a solid 6 months, year, 2 years…maybe NEVER. Up until his visceral rejection of my revelation, I thought we were kind of feeling each other despite the fact that weContinue reading “The “F” Word: The Woes of Being Over 40 and Dating”

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On Stereotyping…Let’s Take It A Step Further.

In my recent piece, On Stereotyping…am I a bad person?, many of you were very supportive of my hyperawareness and unfounded fear. For that, I am thankful. The feedback I received basically excused my behavior and attributed it to the society that we now live in. One person thoughtfully pointed out that gun control might beContinue reading “On Stereotyping…Let’s Take It A Step Further.”

Anderson Cooper Should be the “Poster Boy” for Affirmative Action

I love Anderson Cooper. I really do. I feel I need to get that out first. Okay, now that I got it out…the other day I was looking at the news feed on my phone and came across an article similar to this one: Why Anderson Cooper Won’t Receive an Inheritance from Mom Gloria VanderbiltContinue reading “Anderson Cooper Should be the “Poster Boy” for Affirmative Action”

No Hoping Allowed

My friends are the dating gurus, or at least they think they are. More importantly, they think I am absolutely clueless when it comes to dating. I will admit I am partially to blame. Sometimes I enjoy playing “clueless” with folks. It makes them relax, and the expressions on people’s faces when I go into “clueless” mode are priceless.Continue reading “No Hoping Allowed”

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