The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

On May 25, 2020 George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. On June 25, 2020 the House of Representatives passed the The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. To date, the Senate has not voted in favor of The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Our country is in a tailspin right now,Continue reading “The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act”

On Stereotyping…am I a bad person?

I was headed up to my room from the hotel lobby. As the elevator door opened, another guest walked up and entered the elevator with me. Our conversation was limited to me asking “which floor” so that I could push the button for him since I was closest to the buttons. Within the short periodContinue reading “On Stereotyping…am I a bad person?”

This is America

So now it appears that peaceful protests are a thing of the past. At least, if you are in the NFL. In response to NFL players stance on police brutality and racial profiling, the NFL “powers that be” have come up with a rule that says if the players are on the field during theContinue reading “This is America”