No More Sitting On The Sidelines: How George Floyd’s Murder Affected Me.

The following is from a Facebook post I shared with friends shortly following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers. After his death, and a few days had gone by with notable silence from most of my white friends and colleagues about his death, I started thinking about what I couldContinue reading “No More Sitting On The Sidelines: How George Floyd’s Murder Affected Me.”


As I sat there watching Queen and Slim my mind wandered back… It was a beautiful summer day and we didn’t have a care in the world. Two professional black people taking a break from the grind of litigation. We found ourselves at Lowe’s in Morehead City plant shopping. Satisfied with our selection, we checkedContinue reading “QUEEN AND SUMMEY”

On Stereotyping…Let’s Take It A Step Further.

In my recent piece, On Stereotyping…am I a bad person?, many of you were very supportive of my hyperawareness and unfounded fear. For that, I am thankful. The feedback I received basically excused my behavior and attributed it to the society that we now live in. One person thoughtfully pointed out that gun control might beContinue reading “On Stereotyping…Let’s Take It A Step Further.”

My Nephews Are Not Safe

Today, I am so thankful that I am not raising sons. My heart goes out to all of those mothers that are raising Black boys. It has become all too common for us to hear about another senseless murder of a Black man at the hand of those given the responsibility of PROTECTING and SERVING.Continue reading “My Nephews Are Not Safe”