V.A.T. (Victory After This)

There’s nothing u can say or do right now to help these feelings of brokenness  Can’t u see the pain, hear it in my cry and feel my pain  Oh I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe   Tell me how much more do we have to endure  The senseless violence, riots out of control   I can’tContinue reading “V.A.T. (Victory After This)”

One Morning I Woke Up Different

One day about 19 years ago, if I had to guess an approximate time, I met this woman who shared her story with me. She sat still for a few minutes, eyes closed, breathing slowly, and then I noticed the tears as they began to fall slowly down her face. I gave her all theContinue reading “One Morning I Woke Up Different”

Are You Okay??

(TRUTH BE TOLD) Everyone has their own story Can you hear silent cries, do they have any validity, or are they wasted emotions? I would dare to say there aren’t any emotions in my opinion that should be seen as wasted Though we tend not to express oneself in the same manner, the release isContinue reading “Are You Okay??”