Who in the World is Big Sean

The other day I told you I watched Jay Shetty’s Big Sean interview and how it impacted me. Some of you in my age group were wondering who in the world Big Sean is. Having young children helps me stay up on who’s who in the “rap game” :-). Here are 3 of Big Sean’s music videos.Continue reading “Who in the World is Big Sean”

It Is Meant For You To Be

I recently made a decision that was very difficult for me. I find that my most difficult decisions are because I struggle with accepting what I know to be true and being ready to productively push through the inevitable pain of transition. Because of my experiences, I believe that God, the universe, or whatever youContinue reading “It Is Meant For You To Be”

Podcast Anyone: My Top 5 and Gabby’s 1

Sometimes I need something other than music to turn to when I am driving or trying to complete my 3.3-mile walk. For the past several months, podcasts have been my go to. I am so sorry that I am just now really tuning in. My mind has been exposed to so many new people, thoughts,Continue reading “Podcast Anyone: My Top 5 and Gabby’s 1”