How About A Little Hump Day Motivation from Jay-Z?

I absolutely LOVE JAY-Z, so I thought who better to bring us a little hump-day inspiration. Why do I love him so much? He is a genius businessman with so much swag. My friends give me so much grief about my crush (no worries it is a healthy crush from a distance. No stalker stuffContinue reading “How About A Little Hump Day Motivation from Jay-Z?”

Are You The Best Version Of Yourself?

Like everyone else, I get sucked into the videos and the blog posts that give you the laundry list of reasons why he/she “is not the one”. I have considered drafting a list of red flags a time or two, and maybe in the past, I have alluded to some characteristics that should cause oneContinue reading “Are You The Best Version Of Yourself?”

Monday Motivation: I Hope You Have A Wonderful Week

In my quest to live my best life, I often seek inspiration and motivation from others. This quest is most prevalent when I find myself veering from the path that is meant for me. A healthy dose of motivation goes a long way in helping me to get on solid footing again. Often, when IContinue reading “Monday Motivation: I Hope You Have A Wonderful Week”


Yesterday, before I took a major leap of faith and released something near and dear to me into the universe, I said a prayer. While I am a pretty transparent person, I rarely share my prayer life with the world. I will not lie, discussing my prayer life openly makes me feel a little hokie!Continue reading “Thankful!”