Henry McCollum: Freed After 30 Years On Death Row

On September 26, 1983, with her underwear shoved down her throat using a stick, the body of Sabrina Buie was found. She had been brutally beaten and raped; her body left bare in a field with only her bra that had been pushed up around her neck. Sabrina Buie was 11-years old when her lifeContinue reading “Henry McCollum: Freed After 30 Years On Death Row”


As I sat there watching Queen and Slim my mind wandered back… It was a beautiful summer day and we didn’t have a care in the world. Two professional black people taking a break from the grind of litigation. We found ourselves at Lowe’s in Morehead City plant shopping. Satisfied with our selection, we checkedContinue reading “QUEEN AND SUMMEY”

Defense Attorneys are not Void of Compassion

The small confines and layout of the courthouse made it impossible for me to avoid contact with the young man’s family during the trial. Pulling into the parking lot each morning I would see them gathered around waiting to enter the courtroom, seeking another day of “justice” for their loved one. During breaks we stoodContinue reading “Defense Attorneys are not Void of Compassion”

Beware of the “Rush to Judgment” Mindset

In 1984 Jennifer Thompson, a white woman, was brutally raped by a black man that forced his way into her apartment while she was asleep. The rapist did not conceal his identity and did not “rape and run”. In fact, Jennifer Thompson talked to, and clearly saw, her rapist during this night of terror. ThompsonContinue reading “Beware of the “Rush to Judgment” Mindset”

Kavanaugh Should Not Be Destroyed by an Allegation from his Teenage Years

I do not believe Brett Kavanaugh should be stripped of an opportunity to be a United States Supreme Court Justice because of an allegation of sexual assault that occurred when he was a teenager. I shudder as I think of the lives that have been destroyed because of false allegations. Thinking of these lives stopsContinue reading “Kavanaugh Should Not Be Destroyed by an Allegation from his Teenage Years”

We ARE NOT Burning Any Nikes In Our House, We Support Nike!

Gabby asked me last night what the big deal was with Colin Kaepernick when she saw me reading an article about the recent Nike ad. Quickly I explained that he was a former football player that kneeled during the National Anthem as a way of protesting against social injustice. And, he basically lost his jobContinue reading “We ARE NOT Burning Any Nikes In Our House, We Support Nike!”

Pro-Choice and Proud

This is my body! The fact that one attempts to use the government to come in and dictate what I do with it makes me mad as hell. You had absolutely nothing to do with my creation, so why would you believe that you should be given the awesome privilege of telling me what toContinue reading “Pro-Choice and Proud”

Presumption of Ignorance

Stunned at the depth of unprofessionalism, I sat there and listened as questions about my personal life were raised in the name of addressing any potential conflicts that I had with existing clients.  Looking at the court reporter summoned to this meeting, I felt my emotion leave my body as I geared up to playContinue reading “Presumption of Ignorance”