How About A Little Hump Day Motivation from Jay-Z?

I absolutely LOVE JAY-Z, so I thought who better to bring us a little hump-day inspiration. Why do I love him so much? He is a genius businessman with so much swag. My friends give me so much grief about my crush (no worries it is a healthy crush from a distance. No stalker stuffContinue reading “How About A Little Hump Day Motivation from Jay-Z?”

Strong Women Suffer

I am attracted to strong men.  Yes, I said it.  Strong men. I love them.  So, what is my definition of a strong man?  Well, here we go… A strong man is a man that has the right amount of “swag” (too much swag can be a turn-off) when he is dealing with the world. Basically, whenContinue reading “Strong Women Suffer”

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