HAPPY 2021: Vision Board Complete

Hi all! After 3 years, I finally did it! I completed my vision board. I am so proud of myself! To be honest, the digital vision board video I shared with you all made this task so much easier to complete. Did you complete your 2021 vision board? If not, it’s okay. As I said, it took meContinue reading “HAPPY 2021: Vision Board Complete”

Countdown to 2021: Let’s Create a Vision Board Together

What better way to set your goals and aspirations for 2021! I have wanted to create a vision board for at least the past two years but never quite got around to it. It is time to follow through. No more procrastinating and no more excuses! I am working on my vision board this week.Continue reading “Countdown to 2021: Let’s Create a Vision Board Together”