My “Hygge Home” -(Get Hygge With It Part III)

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So, I am going to save my words and just share portions of my “hygge home” with you (teenager’s room was off limits until she gets home from school to tidy up). I hope you enjoy this peek into this place that I callContinue reading “My “Hygge Home” -(Get Hygge With It Part III)”

Get Hygge With It – Part II

As I was going through my home I came up with so many things that are a daily part of my Hygge living. After much deliberation, I have narrowed it down to the six things below. There is no number one because their level of importance  changes with my mood. My morning Java. Dark Roast,Continue reading “Get Hygge With It – Part II”

Get Hygge With It – Part I

Recently I have become fascinated with this concept of Hygge (pronounced hoo ga). I have been sharing info about Hygge with my oldest daughter and some of my friends. Because I am really thrilled with “Hygge living”, I wanted to share this info with my SouthernmomJD family as well. The concept of Hygge originated inContinue reading “Get Hygge With It – Part I”