Aging Gracefully: An Inside Out Job

This is for all of the women out there like me trying to figure out how to take care of themselves so that they can accomplish all of the things on their life to-do list. I don’t know about you, but now that I am comfortable in my skin, I need it to last soContinue reading “Aging Gracefully: An Inside Out Job”

Manifesting A Meaningful Relationship: Today I Am Unpacking

I was recently told that I am so good at being alone. I paused for a moment when I heard this because I know the messenger meant it as a compliment. Or at least that is what I choose to believe. Part of me simply wanted to be the nice, agreeable woman that he neededContinue reading “Manifesting A Meaningful Relationship: Today I Am Unpacking”

I’m Living My Best Life: Insecure and All

INSECURITY Lack of self-confidence or assurance; self doubt. Why is the word INSECURITY such a bad word in our world today? I do not like how the world forces us to internalize so much garbage by labeling us as weak or damaged when we dare to show a side other than the emotionally well, wonderfulContinue reading “I’m Living My Best Life: Insecure and All”

I Am Not Responsible For Your Happiness: Or, Am I?

As you all know, I am alllllll about self-love! Self-love is the key to a fulfilling life during our short time on this earth. BUTTTTTT… when I hear people say, “I am not responsible for your happiness” in the context of a relationship, I call BS. Sure, I get it; one cannot enter into a relationship a “hot mess” and expect anotherContinue reading “I Am Not Responsible For Your Happiness: Or, Am I?”

Who Am I?: When Is The Last Time You Asked Yourself That Question

As you know, October 15, 2020, is my self-love anniversary! So, I have naturally been talking about self-love a lot lately. You know how it is when you start a new relationship with someone. You walk around all giddy and happy and drive your friends crazy, talking about how wonderful and perfect that person is.Continue reading “Who Am I?: When Is The Last Time You Asked Yourself That Question”

Are You In Love With Yourself?

When is the last time you have said, “I Love You” to yourself and truly meant it? It is so odd to me how I sought love from others for so many years without ever stopping to think about whether I loved myself. I think about all of the time I spent with friends talkingContinue reading “Are You In Love With Yourself?”

Homeownership Blues

I come from a family that prides itself on homeownership. Purchasing a home in our family was a sign that you had a good head on your shoulders, your parents taught you right! Even the family members who migrated to the North for work saved money and often proudly purchased homes “down south”. My motherContinue reading “Homeownership Blues”

About Last Night!

There was a time where I could party all night, work a full 8 hour shift, and still be running around like the energizer bunny. That time has passed! 🙂 Wednesday, after I asked myself what in the world possessed me to think it was a good idea to commit to going to an eventContinue reading “About Last Night!”

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A Love Letter to Myself

You have to remember who you are, what you want and what you deserve.  Sometimes what we want isn’t what God wants for us.  Walking away from it may be hard, it may even hurt, but you have to remember staying and settling for something is not the same as being blessed with something. HowContinue reading “A Love Letter to Myself”

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Hit The Reset Button

Yesterday a lady stopped me in the parking lot to let me know she had read Pieces Of Me. She went on to say that it contained a powerful word and it was going to be helpful to many! My heart just beamed❤️❤️❤️. I was so incredibly thankful that she thought enough of me toContinue reading “Hit The Reset Button”

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