Cha-Ching: 5 ways that I am saving money

One of the things that keep many of us from pursuing our passion is MONEY. No matter how much you may have a burning desire to go to Paris for 6 months to write a series of novels that have been dancing around in your head for 6 years, unless you have unlimited access toContinue reading “Cha-Ching: 5 ways that I am saving money”

CREDIT SCORE: The Basics for my “Gen Zs”

The question should not be can HE pay your bills. The question should be can YOU PAY YOUR OWN BILLS. Landing the perfect job with a reasonable salary is only part of the equation when it comes to your success as you transition into adulthood. When you find that perfect apartment after graduation and yourContinue reading “CREDIT SCORE: The Basics for my “Gen Zs””