Always And Forever My Love Is Now Available

It had been eighteen years since she had seen him. Eighteen years. She could feel her heart begin to roar in her ears when he walked into the courtroom. As she tried to control her breathing, Ariana was certain that everyone around her could see her chest trying its level best to contain her racingContinue reading “Always And Forever My Love Is Now Available”

Lazy Weekend Alone: Curl Up With A Book

Hey! Did you get to check out any of the podcast episodes I shared with you? If not, it’s okay. Everyone is not a podcast junkie like me. I get it. If you are not snuggling up with a good podcast this weekend, what are your plans? How about a good book? I have beenContinue reading “Lazy Weekend Alone: Curl Up With A Book”

Behind Closed Doors -An Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from my fictional ebook Behind Closed Doors. Behind Closed Doors is 4 short stories about professional households living with domestic violence. …After five hours in the emergency room, she was relieved to learn that her nose was not broken. Once all of her paperwork was completed and the nurse had left,Continue reading “Behind Closed Doors -An Excerpt”

Books I enjoyed after I “broke up with social media”

So, in my post, He Made Me Do It (why I broke up with social media), I told you that getting my addiction to social media under control meant that, among other things, I had time to immerse myself in the world of fiction over the summer.  I thought I would share a couple of theContinue reading “Books I enjoyed after I “broke up with social media””