“Bad Bitches” Have Bad Days

“Bad Bitches Have Bad Days” is the phrase that came into my head when I initially began thinking about this post. In my mind, there needed to be a conversation about allowing women to “just be” without judgment. And, I still believe that is a conversation we should have. Just not today. Today I wantContinue reading ““Bad Bitches” Have Bad Days”

Situationship Lesson: Be Intentional About Setting Boundaries

I am an analyzer. Some would say I over-analyze. I disagree. I would say I am intentional about the time I have remaining here on this earth, so I seek to understand in an effort to learn and grow as an individual. As an intentional individual, I know that some situations require more analysis thanContinue reading “Situationship Lesson: Be Intentional About Setting Boundaries”

5 THINGS Moms Should Teach Their Daughters

When I entered the motherhood circle at the young age of 19, I got a lot of advice about how to take care of my daughter’s physical needs. Breastfeeding, cloth diapers, nap time, burping, cereal in bottles, etc. Wherever I turned, there seemed to be an abundance of women ready, willing, and able to teachContinue reading “5 THINGS Moms Should Teach Their Daughters”

The “F” Word: The Woes of Being Over 40 and Dating

Apparently, I did not get the 2019 single woman’s memo, the “F” word is never to be raised, or discussed until you have been dating/seeing someone for a solid 6 months, year, 2 years…maybe NEVER. Up until his visceral rejection of my revelation, I thought we were kind of feeling each other despite the fact that weContinue reading “The “F” Word: The Woes of Being Over 40 and Dating”

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