Some College Application Basics

Applying to college can be intimidating. But the process can be easier if you have someone to help you through it. Therefore, I want to provide some insight from what I experienced that might be useful. Here are some of the formals that are used during this time: ACT or SAT To gain admission intoContinue reading “Some College Application Basics”

Black in the Ivy League

Growing up, I always knew that I needed to go to college. As a low-income, first-generation Black woman with immigrant parents, I figured it was my best chance. However, it wasn’t until I began my senior year that I’d seriously thought about where I would end up after I got my high school diploma. FollowingContinue reading “Black in the Ivy League”

Why I felt an HBCU was right for me

Many people told me that an HBCU was not realistic and would not prepare me for the “real world”. They were partially right; HBCUs aren’t representative of “the real world.” One reason I decided to go to an HBCU, in specific Howard University, was because HBCUs celebrate black culture. Attending an HBCU felt like aContinue reading “Why I felt an HBCU was right for me”

5 Things a Girl Needs to Know in Order to Begin Her College Application Process

So my mom has been asking me to write this post for a while. Thanks to social distancing I have run out of excuses as to why I don’t have the time. Once I sat down and actually completed this task, I realized I could have done this a long time ago and would notContinue reading “5 Things a Girl Needs to Know in Order to Begin Her College Application Process”

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Montgomery, Alabama: Tonza’s Travel Adventures

In my recent column for the Bertie Ledger-Advance, I wrote about my travels to Montgomery, Alabama, to visit The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration, and, The National Memorial for Peace and Justice. This was such an inspiring trip that I decided to share my journey with you. As an African-American woman and mother,Continue reading “Montgomery, Alabama: Tonza’s Travel Adventures”

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Take Away Their Power: Shifting Our Focus to Self-Love

I have been a self-proclaimed feminist since my college days. In fact, in undergrad, I majored in Political Science and minored in Women’s Studies with the dream of getting into a Women’s Studies Ph.D. program. My plan was to plant myself on a campus somewhere and spend the rest of my life empowering young women.Continue reading “Take Away Their Power: Shifting Our Focus to Self-Love”

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Southerners and Snow

The thought of snow out here in our “neck of the woods” throws us into a “tizzy”. It is quite different from my experience growing up in New York where the city didn’t stop even if there was a foot of snow on the ground. A foot of snow on the ground around here wouldContinue reading “Southerners and Snow”

My Families “Bucket List”

As I shared in “The Big Panty Crew” Bucket List, I love to read people’s bucket list. Since I decided to share my friend’s bucket list, I definitely wanted to share my families. So, here we go: My mother’s bucket list: Own a small condo in NYC a moving company to help me move some thingsContinue reading “My Families “Bucket List””

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Anderson Cooper Should be the “Poster Boy” for Affirmative Action

I love Anderson Cooper. I really do. I feel I need to get that out first. Okay, now that I got it out…the other day I was looking at the news feed on my phone and came across an article similar to this one: Why Anderson Cooper Won’t Receive an Inheritance from Mom Gloria VanderbiltContinue reading “Anderson Cooper Should be the “Poster Boy” for Affirmative Action”

Celebrating My Teenager, Honoring Our Ancestors

Lately, me, and mine, have been in a celebratory mood as we watch the possibilities unfold for my teenager, Alyssa.  Alyssa, my middle child, has always been the academically focused one.  She has consistently, despite any challenges, kept her “eye on the prize” and excelled academically. In an effort to provide her with the bestContinue reading “Celebrating My Teenager, Honoring Our Ancestors”