Coronavirus Safety on a College Campus 101

About a week ago, I received an email from my University stating that we would be returning to campus in the fall earlier than our scheduled return time. This email comes when the number one course of action provided by the World Health Organization amid this pandemic is to STAY AT HOME. Of course, thisContinue reading “Coronavirus Safety on a College Campus 101”

Small Business Help is Here

If you are anything like me: The demand for your services has sharply decreased as a result of COVID-19.  The decrease in demand means a reduction in cash flow.  You employ wonderful people who depend on you to pay them timely every month regardless of any crisis.  Your staff has financial obligations and cannot affordContinue reading “Small Business Help is Here”

For Parents Who Are Trying To Survive the Quarantine/While Their Children Need to be Homeschooled

If you’re like me, you have spent a night with a glass (or two) of wine in your hand trying to reconcile your current life with the life you had when your child(ren) was in school. Having this “school suspended due to corona virus” has thrown me through a loop.  I can’t tell you howContinue reading “For Parents Who Are Trying To Survive the Quarantine/While Their Children Need to be Homeschooled”

Social Distancing With an 11-year-old

One of Gabby’s teachers called to check in on us last week! In the midst of our conversation, I had to take a moment to applaud her for having the desire to be in a classroom full of middle schoolers all-day. I mean, for years, I have wondered how teachers are able to keep kidsContinue reading “Social Distancing With an 11-year-old”

Social Distancing Without Losing Your Mind

This whole “social distancing” thing has not been that difficult for me! Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, my crazy work schedule (running from courthouse to courthouse while working on my writing and new business ventures) always made me excited about the possibility of a long, quiet weekend at home. When I learned that our courtsContinue reading “Social Distancing Without Losing Your Mind”

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