Self-Love Anniversary: What Should I Do?

OCTOBER 15, 2020 IS MY OFFICIAL SELF-LOVE ANNIVERSARY! I AM SUPER EXCITED, although I have no idea how to celebrate due to time constraints and COVID-19. My cousin has started creating a “50 by 50” list. This is her list of things she wants to do before her 50th birthday. Her list is pretty awesome! In fact,Continue reading “Self-Love Anniversary: What Should I Do?”

My 2018 “Bucket List”

Happy New Year! In 10 days I will be celebrating my birthday! I am happy to say that I have had some pretty wonderful experiences in my life!!! With that being said, there are so many other things I would love to experience. Since I shared my friends bucket list in “The Big Panty Crew”Continue reading “My 2018 “Bucket List””

My Families “Bucket List”

As I shared in “The Big Panty Crew” Bucket List, I love to read people’s bucket list. Since I decided to share my friend’s bucket list, I definitely wanted to share my families. So, here we go: My mother’s bucket list: Own a small condo in NYC a moving company to help me move some thingsContinue reading “My Families “Bucket List””

“The Big Panty Crew” Bucket List

I love a good Bucket List! So, I reached out to my family and friends and asked them if they would be willing to share their Bucket List with everyone. Of course, my “Big Panty Crew” was game. So, here we go: Assata wants to: zip line Travel to Tahiti Travel to Great Britain CruiseContinue reading ““The Big Panty Crew” Bucket List”