Reading Corner: 3 Book Ideas

I love curling up with a good book! I also love writing books! Looking for a good read or a great stocking stuffer for a reader? Here are three of my books for you to consider. 🙂 Want to escape into someone else’s world? Check out Always and Forever My Love Ariana and Josiah cameContinue reading “Reading Corner: 3 Book Ideas”

Always And Forever My Love Is Now Available

It had been eighteen years since she had seen him. Eighteen years. She could feel her heart begin to roar in her ears when he walked into the courtroom. As she tried to control her breathing, Ariana was certain that everyone around her could see her chest trying its level best to contain her racingContinue reading “Always And Forever My Love Is Now Available”

As National Black Business Month Comes to a Close: A Few Ways You Can Support Me

In case you haven’t caught on by now, August is National Black Business Month! Throughout the month of August I have shared some information about Black businesses you can support. As the month comes to a close I wanted to share some of my products! Between now and September 1, if you make a purchase, youContinue reading “As National Black Business Month Comes to a Close: A Few Ways You Can Support Me”

Let’s Listen Together: Audiobooks To Check Out

I finally broke down and downloaded my first audiobook! For years I have been rebelling against the idea of an audiobook because it just doesn’t seem like reading to me. I decided to stop being so stubborn and give in because my list of must-reads is growing much faster than the time that I haveContinue reading “Let’s Listen Together: Audiobooks To Check Out”

5 Things You Can Do To Help Us Grow

I know so many of you probably get tired of me reaching out, asking for your support! The reality is, I NEED IT. One thing I have learned about growing a business is if you are too proud to ask for help and support, you probably should not be a business owner. I am veryContinue reading “5 Things You Can Do To Help Us Grow”

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Let’s Read Together: Summer Reading Recommendations

Looking for some great summer reading recommendations? Here are 5 books that I highly recommend you add to your list of must reads. Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption Picking Cotton is the gripping true story of Ronald Cotton, a black man, exonerated, thanks to DNA, after being falsely accused of rape byContinue reading “Let’s Read Together: Summer Reading Recommendations”


It’s here! My published short story, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, is now available for purchase through the Kindle Store and it only cost $1.99. I wrote this series of short stories because I wanted to do my part to continue the conversation about domestic violence. I must say my inspiration came from a woman that IContinue reading “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS”

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I am excited to announce that my book, PIECES OF ME, is now available! PIECES OF ME is a compilation of raw and transparent pieces about my life as a southern woman, southern mom, and southern lawyer!  PIECES OF ME is a glimpse into the “perfectly imperfect” world that I have created through healing, evolution,Continue reading “PIECES OF ME”