From Prison To Luxury Brand CEO

I oftentimes find inspiration where I least expect it. Tonza Lately, I have been uninspired. As a creative with career and mommy duties, it is easy to fall into this rut. Sometimes instead of pushing through, I decide to pause and tune in to the world around me. I was in my car for aContinue reading “From Prison To Luxury Brand CEO”

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National Black Business Month: Black Business Data

It is National Black Business Month! Just like we use January as a time to think about things we would like to do differently in our lives, we should begin to use August to think about how much we support Black business. Until it becomes a common practice, we must be intentional about spending dollars withContinue reading “National Black Business Month: Black Business Data”

Black Business Owner: The Resistance

Real talk. For the longest time, I resisted being placed in a box by identifying as a “Black Business Owner”. As a lawyer, I feared it would limit my opportunity for growth by making non-black consumers shy away from supporting me. I also feared it would make people call into question the quality of theContinue reading “Black Business Owner: The Resistance”