Broadway from Your Bedside

Stephanie Mills dancing and singing as Dorothy in The Wiz is my most vivid memory of Broadway as a child. Up to that point, I like every other girl that watched the Wizard of Oz on television, only knew Dorothy to be a cute, dark-haired innocent-looking white girl. So, when I saw Stephanie Mills easing down the roadContinue reading “Broadway from Your Bedside”

New York! New York!: Mommy Daughter Travel Adventures

Wanting to spend a little mommy/daughter time with my youngest daughter, I planned a mini “wecation” for us to wonderful New York City. Having Gabby stuck in the car with me for 7 plus hours was just as exciting as everything we did while we were in New York…at least for me! I had aContinue reading “New York! New York!: Mommy Daughter Travel Adventures”