Dear Black Man, I See You

Today I am continuing my quest to put positive energy and love out in the universe! One of my cousins who has been married for over 20 years told me about how her husband has never said one word in all of the years they have been together about… (I respect that the details areContinue reading “Dear Black Man, I See You”

Welcome Harmonious Conditions

It’s the weekend! What a great time to begin the practice of seeking harmony in your life. I found this wonderful affirmation when I read The Secret that I want to share with you all. I wrote it on the front of my manifestation envelope and have started reading it when I wake up andContinue reading “Welcome Harmonious Conditions”

Just Because: Introducing Our “Just Because” Magnets

Genuine human connection, or the lack thereof, led to the creation of my “Just Because” line of products. “Just Because” is about authentically connecting with yourself or others just to let them know you are thinking about them. I love affirmations! The top portion of my refrigerator is full of magnets with affirmations I love.Continue reading “Just Because: Introducing Our “Just Because” Magnets”

Countdown to 2021: Let’s Create a Vision Board Together

What better way to set your goals and aspirations for 2021! I have wanted to create a vision board for at least the past two years but never quite got around to it. It is time to follow through. No more procrastinating and no more excuses! I am working on my vision board this week.Continue reading “Countdown to 2021: Let’s Create a Vision Board Together”

Reading Corner: 3 Book Ideas

I love curling up with a good book! I also love writing books! Looking for a good read or a great stocking stuffer for a reader? Here are three of my books for you to consider. 🙂 Want to escape into someone else’s world? Check out Always and Forever My Love Ariana and Josiah cameContinue reading “Reading Corner: 3 Book Ideas”