Look On The Bright Side: 3 Suggestions If You Will Be Spending Thanksgiving Solo


The sale of my home and two adult children have changed the holiday landscape for me. What does one do when your home is no longer the central hub for annual gatherings? And, your adult children are doing what you have taught them to do, branching out and creating the life they desire? And, your little one will be hanging out with her dad because he is the better cook, hands down? You do exactly what you want to do! Or, at least, that is what I was thinking until I kept getting bombarded with stories that said I was a complete fool if I dared to travel or surround myself with strangers thanks to COVID-19. Being a believer in science, I canceled my trip to Washington, DC, and settled into the idea of having a quiet Thanksgiving at home alone. The thought of not entertaining (I treat entertaining like a job when I do it) was kind of appealing to me. But, I certainly can’t sleep all day (what a waste of a free day). So, what should I do? One of my friends texted me these suggestions, and I thought they were simply fantastic. So, of course, I had to share them with you!

Do at least one activity or project that you want to do

Here are the activities that I have planned

quote by Maya Angelou

Prepare at least one or two meals or snacks or sweets that you want to eat

  • pasta salad
  • salad
  • mimosas

Watch at least one or two shows you have wanted to watch that you can truly get lost in

I will definitely be curling up on my couch with my box of tissues and watching The Secret:Dare to Dream.

Native American quote

Before you know it, it will be Black Friday!

Thanks for the suggestions Crystal! You rock!

What are you guys planning for Thursday?

Much Love,


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2 thoughts on “Look On The Bright Side: 3 Suggestions If You Will Be Spending Thanksgiving Solo

  1. Tonza, I am going to make soap, lotion and rack my wine. The racking process should take three hours. The rest of the time will be filled with FaceTime conversations and drinking Grey Goose. Since I don’t know how to cook, I will prepare tocos and enjoy! I did get a new book! I am good! Enjoy YOU!🌹

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