Strong As Glass By Goapele


I was driving down the road the other day and decided to pull up Goapele because I wanted to hear her song Cool Breeze. Being a Goapele fan, I thought I was entirely in the know about her music. And then Strong As Glass started playing. Anyone who loves music knows the feeling that comes over you when you connect with a song on so many levels. About 45 seconds into Strong As Glass, I wasn’t really sure if I was hearing the words correctly, so I decided to rewind and start it over again. This song spoke to my heart so much that I knew I had to share it with you all. 

To all of those people out there that are searching for that space to be human. You are not alone!

Much Love,


P.S. For those of you that are curious, Goapele means to move forward in Setswana, a Southern African language.

Always and Forever My Love

Published by Tonza D. Ruffin

Perfectly Imperfect but VERY PROUD WOMAN, MOM, LAWYER, and AUTHOR, but most importantly...LIFE LOVER! I laugh loud, I work hard, I play hard, I am adventurous, I am curious, I am driven, I have moments of deep insecurity, I am loving, I am vulnerable, I am explosive (not one of my finer qualities), I dance around my house alone, I am an awful perfectionist which makes my insecurity worse, I sing out loud in my car without any concern for whose watching, I have trust issues, I do not live through my children, I no longer try to force my children into the mold that I created so that I could feel validated as a mother, I am a risk-taker, I am guarded in my personal life, I am kind, I am grateful. I am so excited about the rest of my life!

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  1. Thanks for sharing strong as glass..I love it and will follow up on it because it really spoke to me and my life….sending best wishes your way!

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