Social Distancing “Must Watches”

As we all sit around trying to pass the time during this COVID-19 pandemic, I have stumbled across some pretty exciting series that I would consider “must watches.” What better time to catch up on TV than now. I hope that you will watch some or all of them and tell me what you think!


shots fired series
Shots Fired

In this Fox series, when an unarmed white teen is killed by a black officer in rural North Carolina, tensions rise and uncover some unpleasant secrets about the town. Follow The Department of Justice’s Investigator Ashe Akino and Special Prosecutor Preston Terry as they try to restore justice in the midst of craziness. Watch on FOX, HULU, and AMAZON PRIME.


Ozark series

In this Netflix original series, when Marty Byrde is in cahoots with a money-laundering scheme gone wrong, he is forced to move his wife, Wendy, and their two kids to the Ozarks to pay off his debt to a Mexican drug lord. This action-packed series keeps the viewer on their toes as you never know what is going to happen next. While the Byrde’s are living under unusual circumstances, they are forced to reconnect as a once disconnected family. Suggestions on where to watch: NETFLIX


Workin' Mom series
Workin’ Moms

In this CBS series, PR executive Kate and her best friend, Anne, a Psychiatrist, attend an interesting mommies’ group where they meet moms Jenny and Frankie. In this comedy, these four ladies quickly form a tight bond as they share their exhausting lives as mommies while also trying to be business professionals. Suggestions on where to watch: CBS and NETFLIX


Little Fires Everywhere series
Little Fires Everywhere

In this HULU original series, Mia Warren and her daughter stand out like a sore thumb when they move to Shaker Heights, Ohio. They immediately meet the picture-perfect Richardson family, and things are weird from the start. This show explores race, class, secrets, and motherhood. This series also stars two of my favorite actresses, Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon. Suggestions on where to watch: HULU.


Grey's Anatomy

My ALL-TIME favorite show, I could watch it over and over again! Unfortunately, the current season had to be cut short due to COVID-19. In this ABC series, viewers get to follow alongside the development of a group of young doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital who started as interns. The show really focuses on Meredith Grey, whose mom was a famous surgeon in the hospital. This show focuses on doctor life on and off the clock. Suggestions on where to watch: ABC, NETFLIX, and HULU

Happy watching! Can’t wait to hear what you think.


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Alyssa is a rising senior at The University of National Champions, also known as, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Double majoring in public policy and political science, she is not quite clear what career path she wants to go down in life, but whatever it is she wants it to make her happy. Alyssa enjoys shopping, traveling, and relaxing in her free time! :)

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