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Hi all! I was having a conversation the other day about privacy in relationships. I want to switch it up today. Instead of sharing my thoughts, I want to pose a question for you.


Please make sure you share your thoughts in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Relationship Question For You

  1. Yes, I think people should keep their relationship private. I feel this way because dating these days is so difficult and unless you are REALLY grounded with your significant other, the relationship may come to an end.

  2. Hey Councilor….. When I am in a RELATIONSHIP I am SO PROUD of HER I don’t keep it secret UNLESS she doesn’t need to expose her private life because of who she is professionally….. Maybe you could clarify, if you mean on Social Media WHEN the relationship starts?

    1. I was going to narrow the question down but decided to keep it broad because I wanted responses like yours. Does it depend on circumstances? Are the rules different when it comes to social media?

  3. Your relationship is between the two of you! It’s perfectly fine to say you are dating or involved romantically. But details are never necessary it muddies the waters. Neither of you need outsiders commenting. Always remember that everyone has a past. Get to know each other for who they are now. Everyone can change, it’s those people from the past won’t allow you to be the new you or her to to the new her. Privacy is the best!

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