Prelude to a Kiss I (Songs That Make My Heart Sing)

I thought I would get you in the mood for Prelude to a Kiss II by sharing a few songs that are in constant circulation on my playlist lately. Make sure you download and listen (you may even want to add them to your playlist) so that you can be in the right “mind space” as I share my most recent journey with you:

Who Can I Run To by Xscape

All Up To You by Con Funk Shun

Guess Who Loves You More by Raheem DeVaughn

The Lady In My Life by Michael Jackson

Woman First by Kindred the Family Soul

Be Good to You by Vivian Green

Come Close by Common

If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys


Published by Tonza D. Ruffin

Perfectly Imperfect but VERY PROUD WOMAN, MOM, LAWYER, and AUTHOR, but most importantly...LIFE LOVER! I laugh loud, I work hard, I play hard, I am adventurous, I am curious, I am driven, I have moments of deep insecurity, I am loving, I am vulnerable, I am explosive (not one of my finer qualities), I dance around my house alone, I am an awful perfectionist which makes my insecurity worse, I sing out loud in my car without any concern for whose watching, I have trust issues, I do not live through my children, I no longer try to force my children into the mold that I created so that I could feel validated as a mother, I am a risk-taker, I am guarded in my personal life, I am kind, I am grateful. I am so excited about the rest of my life!

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