Victims of Police Brutality Bill of Rights: It Is Time

enough police brutality

We are at our boiling point as we watch black man after black man, and women, lose their lives at the hands of those empowered to protect and to serve.

The rage is apparent as we watch the destruction that is taking place in cities across the country. While the destruction has gotten everyone’s attention. Change will not come until we find ways to keep everyone’s attention. In 8 minutes and 46 seconds, I set forth 10 things we can consider doing to make sure our presence and value is consistently felt.

We must make safer spaces for black men and women a priority.

The young woman I discuss below made the rights of rape survivors a priority and look at what she did. Let’s add this to our list. I see a Victims of Police Brutality Bill of Rights in the making…

Amanda Nguyen is a young woman on the Rise (pun intended).

As a senior at Harvard University, Amanda was looking forward to graduating and pursuing her dreams of becoming an astronaut until she was dealt a devastating blow, she was raped. Her experience opened her eyes to all of the gaps that existed in the criminal justice system as it pertained to the rights of rape survivors. Amanda was not willing to accept the status quo, so she rolled up her sleeves and went to work. Her hard work and dedication led to the passage of the 2016 Survivors’ Bill of Rights Act, a law which includes the:

  • Right to equality under the law
  • Right to informative rape kit procedures and notification
  • Right to survivors’ advocacy
  • Right to terminate all legal ties with the assailant
  • Right to the retention of all rights regardless of whether the assault is reported to law enforcement
  • Right to informative rape kit procedures and notification

This young woman’s passion and dedication have led to state-by-state bills being passed which provide civil rights protections for more than 60 million survivors of sexual assault.

But she didn’t stop once she succeeded in protecting the rights of rape survivors. Amanda Nguyen went on to become the founder and CEO of RISE, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help everyday people pass their first law. How?

  • The Hopeanomics Guide provides you with the tools needed to pen your own rights
  • The Rise Justice Labs provides
    • organizing training
    • legislative networks
    • access to professional services such as lawyers, accountants, and lobbyists
    • office space
    • seed funding

The Rise Justice Labs seems to be the perfect place to start penning and pushing a Victims of Police Brutality Bill of Rights. A Bill of Rights centered around the reduction of senseless killings at the hands of law enforcement. What do you think? Is this an option? Let’s Do It!

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Published by Tonza D. Ruffin

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