Glass 1/2 Full: 3 Things The Pandemic Allowed Me To Focus On

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I know it might be hard to believe that anyone can take anything positive from the year 2020. And as we move into 2021, many of us are beginning to wonder, is there any end in sight.

While 2020 and 2021, thus far, have not created ideal circumstances, many of us, as we hunker down and weather the storm, are being given the wonderful opportunity to reflect. As part of my period of reflection, I took time to figure out three things that were important to me.

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The Importance of Connection

Pre-pandemic, I took connection to other human beings for granted. I was always going to get around to reaching out to family and friends on my mind. Weeks and months would pass, and I would still be promising to reach out whenever I had a moment to breathe. Those moments rarely came for me.

Spending a lot of time alone over the past year has been tough but good for me. It helped me to realize that meaningful human connection is a necessary part of my life. I am more intentional about

  1. reaching out to people that have value in my life
  2. being present during conversations
  3. enjoying the connection shared with others
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The Importance of Gratitude

I am so thankful for my life. Just because I am grateful for my life does not mean I do not face obstacles and challenges. My reaction to certain obstacles and challenges is merely different now that gratitude has been incorporated into my daily life.

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The Importance of Presence

The other day I had a wonderful conversation with one of my colleagues. I learned so much about his life and journey as a human being, and to be honest, it was quite interesting. While we are not headed down the road of being besties, I was so thankful for the opportunity to make more than a superficial connection with another human being because I took the time to be present.

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What have you had an opportunity to focus on over the past year?

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