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Movie night or binge-watching TV series is another wonderful way to connect with your kids. Movie night is a big thing for my 11-year-old and her dad. She is always giving me a rundown of the cool movies they watch together when she is with him. Movie night with me, not so cool! I will admit, I have a tendency to try to use movie night to shove some documentary down my 11-year-olds throat that she rather not see. So, I decided to up my game. I dug out my DVD collection, blew off the dust, only to realize I sold my DVD player on Facebook Marketplace over a year ago.

To be open-minded and expand my horizons, I sought the advice of different family members. Here are their recommendations:

Gen Xs

Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love was recommended by my Gen X cousin, and I am so glad she did. I absolutely loved this movie because it made me dream of one day packing my $h!t and traveling the world alone in an effort to find myself. While I think I have sort of found myself, without having to go around the globe, I still might pack my $h!t and travel just for the heck of it when my youngest graduates from high school.

Love and Basketball

Love and Basketball is another good movie recommended by my Gen X cousin. Loved, Loved, Loved this love story!!! Might try to make my Gen Z watch this with me.


Avatar seems to be an alien movie with a message from what I can tell. Maybe my Gen Z will like this one! Although I bet, she has already watched it with her dad.


These were all recommendations made by my millennial daughter.

Tiger King I really want to connect with this docuseries because it seems to have everyone entranced, but I just can’t seem to do it. It seems that most people in my generation that are able to connect with it are ashamed to admit it. Why is that I wonder?


Ozark There is something about an upper-middle-class white family who goes from living the American Dream to being forced into a world of criminal conduct for the sake of survival that seems to fascinate everyone, including me. Not to mention, the parents are really creative criminals.


Uncorked A great movie about an African-American young man finding his passion for wine (no, not drinking it) and pursuing it despite the fact that his father could not be any more unsupportive. After watching this movie, I wanted to be a master sommelier. For a brief moment anyway.

Gen Zs

On My Block

On My Block is about the trials and tribulations of four high school friends in South Central Los Angeles. I was planning to check this out with my 11 year old only to be informed that she had already watched every episode that aired thus far. How did I miss that?


It seems that Euphoria explores the chaos associated with being a teenager in this day and age. The main character is a 17-year-old struggling with substance abuse. That is all I know, thanks to my Gen Z cousin. I like Zendaya, so I might check it out.

All American

All American is a sports drama series that explores so many issues (race, poverty, single parenting, relationships, privilege, etc.) through its main character, who is an African-American high school football star from Crenshaw. I can tell you, even if you are a Gen X that is not that into football, you will enjoy this series. I sure did.

Much Love,


You know I am going to ask. What are you all watching?

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4 thoughts on “Movie Night/Movie Day/Movie Anytime

  1. Loved “Avatar”……. Good message…… Hi Councilor….. Happy Juneteenth……

  2. Ozark (which is actually a place here in Michigan) and Tiger King (could not believe this captured me as I continued to watch it) were my favorite two on the list.

    1. Ozark is in Michigan? Really??? Tiger King sucked a lot of folks in. I was definitely in the minority on my inability to get into it不不不. Carol Baskin…Killed her husband…whacked him不不(I know. Too much TikTok)

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